Management of Scoliosis Course

IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) Course



Scoliosis is known as sideways curvature of the spine with rotational components. Scoliosis can be detected by observing the posture for uneven shoulder, shoulder blade, rib hump, uneven waist, creases and imbalanced back muscle development. Scoliosis can be detected earlier and get corrected before it becomes severe. Normally with a Cobb's angle of 45 degrees, the doctor will advise going for surgical correction.

Common problems associated with scoliosis:

  • Respiratory problems - breathlessness

  • Muscle pain - Upper and lower back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Degenerative spine disease

  • Low self-esteem

  • Limitations in sports activities ​

Many research showed that scoliosis can be treated conservatively. In our centre, we have proved that with using yoga therapy and physiotherapy techniques can significantly reduce the scoliosis curvature.

With proper knowledge and understanding scoliosis, yoga asanas will be a great tool in treating scoliosis together with physiotherapy techniques. ​



This certification course consists of a total of 50 hours including 30 in-contact hours of theory and hands-on and an additional 20 hours of case study and practical hours is required. In the 30 hours course, you will learn and understand scoliosis and the body structure affected by it to how to correct it by training and stretch the correct muscles.

You will learn:

  • About Scoliosis

  • About yoga therapy

  • To identify the bone and muscular structure affected by scoliosis

  • Alignment and posture

  • To identify types of scoliosis curvature

  • To balance the tight and weak structures in the spine

  • To correct scoliosis using pranayama (breathing)

  • To identify activities which will correct or worsen scoliosis

  • To create balance in the muscle which helps to reduce muscular pain

  • To create a mindfulness of the body alignment and posture during normal ADLs (activities of daily living)

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Medical doctors

  • Physiotherapists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Certified Yoga Instructors who are interested in yoga therapy

  • Personal trainers



At the end of this course, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. Upon passing the examination and submission of 20 hours case study with scoliotic patient or students, you will receive the certificate of Certified Scoliosis Management Therapist recognized internationally which compliance to IAYT regulations.